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Our history

Waddame was born from the desire to solve the challenges of geographic mobility that complicate the accomplishment of everyday actions. In these current times, more than ever, we must keep things simple and do better, so that everyone can spend quality time with those who are dear to us.


Common name from "Pulaar" a dialect from the Peule community of Senegal, Waddame means

" Do it for me ".

Our beliefs

We believe that no one is bound by the impossible. We believe in a different way of doing things.

Our way of making it possible is to allow anyone to deliver an errand that they cannot do to another person to do it for them.

We have created the digital platform that allows it: Waddame.

Our mission

Be the daily accomplice of your actions.

Our vision

Because together we go further, we place the principle of chain action at the heart of our model. We believe that to change the world, things must be done differently.

Our vision is to act together and differently.

Our values

Mutual aid | Collaboration | Integrity | Security | Innovation | Pleasure

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